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How do I list my property with Your Property Project?


Step 1.

Ask your agent to contact us.

Simply ask agent to contact us via the Contact Us form, by phone on (03) 9925 4871 or by email at [email protected]


Step 2.

Supply the property address(es)

Your agent will give us the property address. We only need the property address to get things going. In fact we don't even need any images. We can easily use a generic image to save you outlaying on expensive photography. You'll also let us know if you want the property listing to be 'Off-Market' or visible to everyone who visits Your Property Project. Off-Market listings only appear to those who are members of Your Property Project and are logged in. Off Market listings will also be sent in the daily email alert to our developer subscriber list.


Step 3.

Pay for your Listing

We will issue you an invoice for the listing to appear on Your Property Project. Once paid we will immediately list your property on Your Property Project.


Step 4.

Wait for enquiries!

That's it. We'll take care of the rest. We will generate all of the required property data for the listing. We'll also ensure that your property goes out in the daily listing alert email that gets sent to all of our developer and builders! Your property will also be visible on the home page 'Latest Listings' section don't miss out on getting the best price for your property. Advertise your property with Your Property Project today!