Amendment C125 (Part 1) has been gazetted, and now forms part of the City of Monash Planning Scheme.
  • - Land proposed to be rezoned from the General Residential Zone (GRZ) to the Residential Growth Zone (RGZ) or the Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ) has now been approved. There are no corresponding Design and Development Overlay controls as originally proposed for the RGZ areas (we suspect because these were deemed to be too limiting), but there is a need to check the Schedules to the zones for local variations. Of note, a 4m front setback was approved for the RGZ.
  • - Land in the GRZ remains in the GRZ pending further review (Part 2).
  • - Some changes have been made to the Local Planning Policy Framework, but not as many as would have been desirable (potentially holding back on this pending the resolution of the GRZ Part, which makes sense). But Clauses 21.01 – 21.03 have now been amended into a single new Clause 21.01, and Clause 21.12 (Heritage), Clause 21.13 (Sustainability and Environment) and Clause 21.16 (Wheelers Hill NAC Structure Plan) have been amended.
  • - Some changes to the local policy framework, specifically Clause 22.07 (Heritage), Clause 22.09 (Non-residential use and development in the residential areas) and Clause 22.10 (Student accommodation policy).

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Source: Ratio