Finding a good selling agent to help sell your development stock off the plan is crucial to getting your project sold profitably, started as soon as possible and settled with minimum fuss.

So I speak with Campbell Cooney a Director of Hodges in Brighton about selling property.

Campbell has been in the real estate industry since the 80s, so has lots of experience. We have a good chat about how you go about marketing projects off the plan, how to give the market what it wants, and what materials and information you need to have ready when you start selling your project.

I always find it fascinating speaking with agents about how they go about selling property off the plan, as they usually have some good tips and insights into how best to get a sale.

Tips for Real Estate Developers

Here are a couple of lessons I took away from my discussion with Campbell.

1. Work with the agent

Campbell mentioned how it is better to work with the agent not for the developer. And I think if you can develop a partnership approach with the selling agent then you will get a better result. Involving them in design discussions or seeking their feedback on market wants is a great way to tailor your product to what the buyers want, not what you think they want, or what you like. And this leads in to lesson 2.

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