Amendment C191 was gazetted on 8 February 2018 on an interim basis to apply a Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO) to all residential zoned land not already in an SLO in the CIty of Whitehorse.

More specifically, the amendment seeks to:

  • apply a new Schedule 9 to the SLO on an interim basis to all residential land in the municipality not currently included in the SLO, including those areas covered by the Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO);
  • update the planning scheme maps 1SLO – 6SLO inclusive on an interim basis;
  • amends the Schedule to Clause 61.03 to update the maps applying to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme; and
  • lists a new reference document in Schedule 9 to the SLO – Municipal Wide Tree Study Options and Recommendations Report June 2016.

The interim SLO controls are sought while permanent SLO controls are concurrently being pursued by Council as Council is concerned that tree removal will continue to occur across the municipality before permanent controls can be introduced.



Source : Ratio