During the pre-Christmas rush the Minister was busy approving a number of amendments, including Amendment C159 to the Moreland Planning Scheme.

his amendment essentially seeks to rename and reshuffle a number of the former Neighbourhood Activity Centres (NACs) and Local Activity Centres (LACs) and substitutes them with 12 new Neighbourhood Centres. At the same time, it introduces a new Design and Development Overlay (DDO24) and a new Schedule to the Residential Growth Zone (RGZ2) that includes a number of new height controls within Neighbourhood Centres.

The amendment introduces mandatory height restrictions to 8 of the 12 of the Neighbourhood Centres, where previously there were discretionary height limits or no height limits. These eight Neighbourhood Centres that now include the new RGZ2 and have a mandatory height limit of 13.5 metres. The remaining RGZ1 land within Neighbourhood Centres retains a preferred height limit of 13.5 metres.

Significantly, no transitional provisions have been included and current applications (yet to be determined) that exceed the mandatory heights may be caught out and rendered prohibited, even if lodged prior to the gazettal of Amendment C159.

DDO24 includes reference to 11 of the 12 of the Neighbourhood Centres and offers built form guidance regarding preferred / maximum building heights, street wall heights, outlooks and boundary setbacks.

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Source: Ratio