It has long been a criticism that the Mixed Use Zone is actually a residential zone and, given ‘dwelling’ is an as-of-right use, there was limited ability to retain employment generating uses where the zone was applied (given the stronger market for residential development). It was for this reason many traditional inner-employment precincts, like Cremorne and parts of Fitzroy and Collingwood, were placed in the Commercial 2 Zone, where ‘dwelling’ is a prohibited use.

ratio: had previously advocated to the former Department of Planning and Community Development (now DELWP) that a new zone should be introduced which primarily had an employment focus, but which allowed for some ‘residential’ under limited circumstances. It was of concern to us that traditional employment areas like those mentioned above would fall into disrepair, and that a limited amount of ‘residential’ development was required to enable urban renewal and improvement. By doing this, we argued the employment values of the area would be maintained and enhanced, and the areas could become truly ‘mixed use’.

We had stopped pursuing this with DELWP and the City of Yarra (given our interest in Cremorne) because the upsurge in the ‘office’ market had driven the urban renewal and reinvestment that we now see in places like Cremorne. 

DELWP has just announced that identified ‘clusters of creative and technology jobs’ in Victorian areas (such as Cremorne) will be strengthened by a new planning zone and policy to support Enterprise Precincts. Minister for Planning Richard Wynne recently launched ‘Unlocking Enterprise in a Changing Economy’ at a new business in Cremorne – which they have dubbed the new ‘Silicon Yarra’.

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Source: Ratio