Real Estate Agency FAQ



Properties are listed on Your Property Project using your CRM system. Your Property Project supports the ingestion of listings from many Real Estate Agency CRM systems such as Console, myDesktop, Box + Dice to name a few. In fact we can support any CRM that exports it's listing information in the REA XML format. When you register we will ask you to provide the name of the CRM portal you use to store your property information. The reason we need this is because each CRM portal requires a different mechanism to allow Your Property Project to hook in to your listings. In most cases the principle contact of the agency is required to authorise Your Property Project to appear inside the CRM as an export option. This usually means the principle contact needs to inform the CRM portal provider that they wish to have Your Property Project added in to the CRM. Based on the CRM provider option you select in the registration page we will be able to direct you on which method is required for that CRM provider. In any case we should be able to connect your CRM to Your Property Project as long as you authorise us to do so. Contact us if you have any other enquiries.


As a guide, it is easier to rule out properties that do not have development potential then to cover all of the scenarios about those that do! Having said that, and generally speaking, units, apartments or townhouses can generally be classed as not having development potential unless perhaps you intend on buying all of them and rebuilding the whole site, or renovating one, or many, for profit. They simply do not have the land capacity and flexibility to afford themselves to being developed. This is the main reason why we do not list these types of properties on Your Property Project.

There are many scenarios where a property cannot be developed as well such as if it has a specific overlay for example. At Your Property Project we deliberately do not make a recommendation regarding the 'potential capacity' or 'outcome' of a site as it is dependent on many factors which can only be determined as part of the due diligence phase of the project.

Remember that different developers and builders will see different potential for a project so its important to try to remain objective. They may see potential in a project where you do not so it's often worthwhile listing the property to this audience to ensure you've marketed the property to all potential buyers.

No. You do not need to export all of your property listings to Your Property Project. You will always be able to choose which listings you want to appear in Your Property Project by only exporting relevant listings from your CRM. We will only list the properties you send us. These listings should only be those that have development potential. To learn more about this see the 'How do I know if a property has development potential?" article in this support section.

After registering your agency, and as the principle contact, you will need to do a few things. Firstly, log in as the principle agent then run through the following:

1. Check your agency and profile information

Double check the information you entered when you registered to ensure that it is accurate. You can update any information by clicking the 'Edit Agency Details' icon and updating the information accordingly. You can also check your profile by clicking the 'My Profile' option in the 'AGENCIES' top navigation.

2. Upload your profile photo

If you intend on listing properties for sale under your own name/email then you should add a profile photo. This can be done in the 'My Profile' page accessed via the 'AGENCIES' top navigation item.

3. Upload your company banner

Within the 'My Agency' dashboard you will be able to upload your companies banner. This will appear above your listings in the search results so it is important that this banner is uploaded and of the correct dimensions. These dimensions are listed in the upload section of the Edit Agency page.

4. Set up your listing agents and contacts

See the 'Getting Started' article in the 'User Management' FAQ to learn how to add your listing agents and contacts to your agency. This will need to be done so that we can present the correct profile information about the listing agent such as the profile photo etc. This will also allow us to link the property to your agency so it is important to do this for each of your sales agents in particular.

5. Show your staff how to export listings to Your Property Project

You will need to ensure that your staff are aware of how to export a listing to Your Property Project. This will be different for each CRM however it should be no different to how you already export to the other portals. You should also ensure that your sales agents know what sorts of properties are appropriate for our platform. Remember that Your Property Project reserves the right to remove a listing that we believe does not afford itself to being a development project. Generally speaking this includes units, townhouses and apartments.


User Management

Once you have successfully registered your agency we will need to connect up your CRM to our platform. This can be done quite quickly but it could also take a few days depending on the efficiency of your CRM provider. While this is happening you should log in to your Agency Dashboard and do the following:

Set up your listing agents

You can do this by logging is as the principle agent and going to the 'My Agency' link in the 'AGENCIES' top navigation bar. Once in there you will notice there is an 'Agency Contacts' area. There you will also notice two buttons: 'Add Contact' and 'Update Preferred Contacts'.

To add a Sales Agent click on the 'Add Contact' button and then select the 'Sales Contact' from the menu. You will then be directed to the 'Add Contact' page. Fill in the details and don't forget to select the 'Login Enabled' checkbox so that the agent can log in and interact with the system. Note that the agent will be able to upload their profile photo once they log in to the system. Also note that the email address is very important as this will link the listing agent that was entered via your CRM to the information we store about that agent such as the profile photo etc.


Listing Management

- Upload the Section 32

- Approve Section 32 Requests

- Upload Other Documents

- Upload Plans and Permits

There are 5 fields that you need to provide to us from your CRM as a minimum. These are:

​1. Sale price. Note that there are generally 2 sales prices. The 'Display Price' is the one that the end user will see.

2. At least 1 image.

3. Agent information. We require at least 1 sales agent to be assigned to the listing.

4. The address of the property.

5. The property description​.


Once we have this information we will be able to collect all of the other information relating to the property.


Please contact us via the Contact Us page and we'll help investigate what the issue might be.